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Post by mitchhb on Wed Jun 20, 2012 1:01 pm

Alrightyy, well i'm new here, looking for some people to play with.

My name in League is mitchhb.

I probably won't be able to help too many people just yet, but as i get better, i would gladly mentor others.

I'm lvl 30, with sub par ELO. I am looking to join a ranked team although i may need to learn to play a few more roles before hand.

I mainly play ap mid, most confident with Cassiopeia, Ahri and Veigar.
I jungle Udyr and Shyvana generally.
I have just started to learn support, i love Zilean <3 and play Soraka and Alistar.
Solo top and AD Carry are my weakest positions, but this doesn't mean i'm not confident playing these roles.

I hope to meet a lot of new people to play some games with. I'm fairly confident i will find some cool people here after reading through the forums Smile



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