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Post by terlkee on Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:35 pm

hi everyone, i'm terlkee.

i stumbled upon this site on one of the League forum posts, and since I've been looking for players from australia to play with i decided to join this site and say hi Smile

i'm an avid League player, played on and off for almost two years. as of late i've been getting quite serious in trying to improve my skill, but i am still a lowly 1300 bronze. i main jungle, although i can play a number of various solo tops. my mid, carry and support are not as versatile but it's not like i can't play it at all.

i am currently searching for anyone decent at the game (1400+) to help me with the understanding of the game, although i am also happy to give advice to anyone who needs it Smile

my IGN is terlkee. feel free to add me for advice, or ranked/draft games Smile


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