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New comer - MrReaper135

Post by MrReaper135 on Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:00 pm

Im MrReaper
I found my way here after following a link on the riot forums.I am 15 years old live in Queensland (Go Maroons) I'm a relatively new player (if 2 or 3 months counts as new) spent far too long versing bots thinking i would just get murdered in pvp until i was lvl 15 and ran out of time decided to face my fear and found it really fun now im lvl 23 and aiming to go for ranked as soon as possible. Im absolutely addicted to League of legends. I can play alot of roles and I have had plenty of practice with a bunch of champs. I look forward to meeting you guys and hope to play alot of you's aswell with or against Smile

Skype Name is TJE135
LoL Name is MrReaper135
My name is Trent Emerson

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