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GodMakesMeLoL [Jungler]

Post by GodMakesMeLoL on Wed Jun 20, 2012 3:31 pm

Hey been playing LoL for a Few Months now Im Level 30, dont have a ranking yet, wanted to find a team to play with first.

i love Jungling, i have nerly every jungler character you can have except hecarim

Atm im Mastering Lee Sin the Blind Monk also known as Jackie Chan, im here to make some freinds on LoL and get a team for ranked and just fun, so if any of you are intrested im on LoL everyday just add me GodMakesMeLoL or if that dosent work GodMakesMeRofl, But yeah, i found this site in a sig on a guy in LoL forumns haha thats how i got here.

Oh btw do you guys have a Ventrilo Server or Skypes to Communicate over, i prefer skype but ill work with anything, if you have skype add me on DanielsPersonalSkype

umm what else,
im 21 yrs old and i <3 LoL?
im still going through this forum to check out whats what and what you guys do but i thought i would introduce myself first so Hi im Daniel Thx for reading this Very Happy


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