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Post by TAK3D0WN on Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:26 am

Hello my name is TAK3D0WN,
I am right now only a 1220 elo play although i have been playing for many years and have played on both the NA server and the EU server. There are many ways to increase you elo and your overall gameplay to become and better player at league.
1. Firstly you want to learn the mechanics of the game. Example learn how to farm to the best of your ability, To know when to harras or just stand back and farm, when to dive and when not to dive, and when it is a good idea to go in. These are all mechanics of the game if you master farming and knowing these basics you will already have became a better player.
2. After you have learnt the mechanics you want to then learn and master a champion that you enjoy playing. You want to play them so much that they take almost no thought to play at a master's level. You want to leave the damage they can do and the damage they can do.
3. After you have learnt one character if you are going to play ranked and increase your elo then learn another champion in another role, and do this until you know at least 3 roles or if your really good when you know a champion for each role
4. After you have learnt you champions you should be ready to increase you elo! Very Happy

Although that is a method to increasing there are a couple of tips and tricks that can be used in gain elo and to increase you level of gameplay.
1. Play with a friend or a premade team for better communication and for more relability on your team
2. Learn champs that are considered OP or *over powered*. These champions are usually a lot stronger than normal champs and give you team a big advantage
3. Play champions that snowball really well or have a strong early game to gain an advantage early so you are more likely to win you lane
4. And Lastly if you are winning in a game try to exceed that win, E.G buy an orcale, clear wards, buy wards, catch them off guard seperatly, do an unexpected enagage, controll the buffs, dragon and baron

These tips and tricks should help you to increase your elo and/or you gameplay in league of legends.

Thanks for reading,

TAK3D0WN Smile

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