Kog Maw - W melter build

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Kog Maw - W melter build

Post by Jason on Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:13 am

This build is a very hard one to get the hang of, and relies mainly on the other team you are vsing. it basically is all about magic damage on a health based percent

I'd recommend 30 offense masteries, getting both attack damage and ability power where possible. the 21/0/9 and 21/9/0 also both work

Offense Tree:
Attack damage and ability power

Defense Tree:
Optional: durability or vigor

Utility Tree:
Optional: expanded mind or swiftness

8.5 Magic penetration

13 Armor

11 Ability power

15 Ability power

Skill Progression:
Get your E first, for an early slow, followed by your W. level 3 gets another W, and 4 a level on Q. Max W by level nine, followed by maxing Q at level 14.

Starting Items:
Boots 3 pots ( for the meta )
Dorans ring if you're an ability whore ( spam all the abilities! )
Dorans shield if they have a high source of ad harass
Sword 2 pots to help the build

Core Items:
1.Madreds Bloodrazor is a must
2.Boots of attack speed or cooldown
3. Rabadons death cap for mega Ap
4. Nashors tooth ( ap, cooldown, mana regen, attack speed. best things )
5. Void staff ( ap, mage pen )
6. Reserved anti item ( counter whatever their team seems to be using well )

Summoner Spells:
Flash and ignite for the meta

You will be getting 4% of their health on your item, and your W before ap will be doing another 6%.
If you get to 600 ap, you will be doing in total 16% of their hp per attack, and with the build above, you will have a high attack speed.
This is especially effective on fragile hp tanks ( volibear )

End Notes:
If you can choose a support, go soraka for mana regen.
6th item is preferred to be something that gets attack speed or ap, and still counters their team ( wits end if they have high ap, maladyl if they have medium mage resist ( 30 - 90 ) and hourglass if they have ad nukers like talon )

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Re: Kog Maw - W melter build

Post by Omniscient on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:07 am

You'll be pretty squishy and have no sustain.

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