Penta Smite,

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Penta Smite,

Post by Scripted Horizon on Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:35 pm

Just a little story, if anyone is interested....

So over the past 2 weeks i have been playing with a few american mates, and we made a team called Penta Smite, we cant play ranked yet as not everyone is lvl 30 but, We have played 8 games and only lost 1.

Now as you can probably tell we run 5 smites, Hence the name Penta Smite. So the way we play it is we run bot and take the enemy's buff (bot cause that is where dragon is) and once we have there buff we take our bot buff and then we go and take dragon at 2:50 or something when it spawns. Now with the Xp we have gained we have an advantage in lanes, and we also have mobile champs so we get a lot of early ganks in and get fed! In most of our games we have all had Wriggles lanterns ('s_Lantern) by the 15 min Mark when Barron spawns, And you guessed it, we Barron. This has worked so well for us and is just loads of fun.

The ranked team name "Penta Smite" belongs to me and my american mates so its our ranked play but, im sure a few of us could do it in draft for fun if anyone was interested, I was not making this post to find people to play with but just more as a way of sharing with the community Smile

See you in the Battle Fields!

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