What meta?

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What meta?

Post by Ginbrah on Wed Aug 01, 2012 8:06 pm

I'm watching The Rain Man's stream atm and his last champs played have been;

AD Xin Zhao mid
AD Yorick mid
AD Twisted Fate mid

It was the same last night and he seems to be winning around 80% of games. Now I know it isn't new to play AD mid but a lot of his teams haven't even had an AP carry in them. Some have had an AP top or jungle but I just saw him win a game without any AP damage.

Will this catch on? Will people start to stray away from AP? Is this common practice that I just don't know about? Is TRM stupid?

I'm interested on everyone's thoughts.

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Re: What meta?

Post by Aaronkiwi on Thu Aug 02, 2012 4:21 am

The thing is though, it is still the meta.
One top, One mid, Carry with support bottom.

The reason these champions are winning is because ap mid champions need levels to be strong, and require jungle ganks.... or opponent stupidity.... to win. A non counterd lane that is.
AD bruisers with high harras (yorick, Panteon) and gapclosers (xin'a'ling,talon) will always best the ap mids as they can hurt more early.
Ad tf works because it is sustained damage early on, the same reason AP kennens sometimes run 2 dorans BLADES.

In the end though you have to remember this is solo que. IE (ys this happens even at the 2000+)
No armor runes mid
No lane swapping
Blame jungle/feeder, start fight, lose.

That last one is the main reason it snowballs so well.
Also in a premade 5 v 5, They will bring an ap somewhere, they will swap lanes, and they will most likely not let you snowball as hard

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