AuV2 Graphical design competition! Win!

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AuV2 Graphical design competition! Win!

Post by Jason on Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:11 am

AuV2 is having a graphical design competition.

The challenge; Design a website header that meets the criteria below

  • the text "AuV2 " in a cool, generally likeable font.
  • an Australian flag, faded into the background.
  • Something symbolic of League of Legends ( teemo shroom, orianna ball )
  • Optional; League of Legends symbol of some type.

The prize is most likely going to be riot points, or a name change, maybe both.

Upon receiving a great submission, there will be one week to one-up the leader. Upon becoming the new leader, there will be another week, so on and so forth.

Enter here;

Let the fractal battle begin!

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