About our community ranks

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About our community ranks

Post by Jason on Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:44 pm

I thought I'd post something official about our ranks, and what they mean.

Junior member

These are the new people to AuV2, everyone starts here.

Full members

Full members are the ones that have been around in league, and played a game with a member approvalist. They passed the basic no troll, slight skill test.


These are members who have proved their skill, and are willing to give up their valuable time to teach all comers the ropes of champions, roles, and some advanced tactics. They are great players, and pretty good AuV2ians

Ex Moderator

People who have made it to staff, or moderator, and then stepped down from this position. They are pretty cool, but no longer have power over people.


These are the elites of AuV2. They help with the behind the scenes stuff, and are member approvalists for the juniors. They are good leaders, but not rulers. If you want to become a council member, tell jason of your intentions, and then help where you can.


Handle forum behavior, sort out naughty words, and all of the council's duties as well. You're unlikely to get this easily.


We control the website, and basically code everything, customise everything, and fix everything. We don't need more admins currently, but may in the future.

Feel free to ask questions =)

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