Hello dere

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Hello dere

Post by EatingChampion on Thu Jan 24, 2013 9:17 am

I was told to make on of these introductions so here goes...

My name is David, I'm 17 in July, I'm on my final year of high school, I won't be playing much games of LoL Sun - Thu for school work (I'll play as much as I want till school starts again 31/1), most likely play of Fridays and Saturdays.

Well enough of my personal shiiiet, I'm a MID player, but I usually play MID champs that I'm not good at because it's not fun if i stomp on the enemy(Unless I want to win/ ranked game)... lol.
I also top with TEEEMO~!. I'm only good at jungle with Kayle :/. I adc with Ashe and Sivir, and I'm a decent support player.

My top ELO is 1550... but truthfully i've been carried most of those games, so I'm not even that good to deserve dat elo.

With Love,
Hahaha, Lol.

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Re: Hello dere

Post by Omniscient on Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:00 am

Hey David, good to have you in the community Smile
If you have any questions post them here or add me on LoL: AuV2 Ninja

- Josh

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