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Post by lolstate on Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:45 pm

Hi all,

Seen your LoL community posted on the forums and thought i would come check it out!

Been playing LoL for a few months now and really enjoy the game when you have people to play with which is why i have come here!
I'm currently in Silver 4.
I pref Mid/Top/Jungle
Would love to find a team for ranked 3's or ranked 5's and some new people for duo que ranked.
I am also very interested in training/learning from higher ranked players.

Play times varies a bit but usually im on most night for 2-10 games.

IGN = lolstate

If your keen for a game or a chat or both hit me up!

have skype and a private teamspeak server as well to make communicating a little easier.



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