AuV2 under fire ( Response to hack )

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AuV2 under fire ( Response to hack )

Post by Jason on Tue Jul 02, 2013 4:12 pm

I don't know how long this was up for, or how many of you saw it

I'd just like to set some records straight.

At this stage, I am working with the staff over at gglol, and I can assure you, this was not their direct doing.

This is the quote from Skyraz, their lead

Skyraz wrote:
Hi everyone,

For those of you who are unaware, (another Australian community website) was recently hacked. Someone gained control of their website and changed their banner along with demoting all of their staff. The hacker used the GGLoL name in the banner, as seen below.


I would like to make clear to all parties involved, that had no prior knowledge of this hacking, nor condones the actions that took place. I have spoken to the owner of the website and they understand the current situation and I am working closely with him to find out who did this.

Currently we are under two assumptions, it was one of our members, or it was another website trying to cause conflict. If it was a member, please do not repeat something like this. You may be trying to help us, but it only causes more harm than good and we do not need to drop to this level. We are the #1 Australian community and we did not become #1 by derogatory acts.

Please be sure to check out, it is a great website with an awesome community.

Thanks, Skyraz

If anyone has any information that may be helpful, please let me know.

All passwords ( besides mine ) are completely safe, the interface isn't designed to let anyone ( even me ) view current passwords. Only change them.

If your password no longer works, simply submit a "forgot password" ticket, and it will be resolved easily.

As for the downvote attack on the recruitment thread, I've got a segment in the newest giveaway that should help counteract some of that. I'm only now bumping once a day, but if anyone else wants to bump the thread, I encourage them to do so.

I think the best form of recruitment is just word of mouth. Tell your friend about us, sort of thing. I'd appreciate that much more.

Any questions, feel free to post them away.


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