Grumpy old man.

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Grumpy old man.

Post by Barbarossa on Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:36 am


So ive been hanging around the AuV2 LoL chat channel for a while.
And thought i would introduce myself.

Im Barbarossa, im 29 live in country Vic, i am a long time former WoW player i.e vanilla till Cata and now i play LoL, (My partners 14 year old son introduced me actually)

You will probably see me around in auv2 chat in between work and going bush on my horse and doing a diploma part time im fairly busy.

But if you need a support or someone to growl at your English or for that matter a general all round LoL player feel free to invite.

And no i havent formally applied to AuV2 yet, but ive been around sitting and watching Ill get to it when i feel im ready to start playing more serious.

And on that note looking for a adc for ranked duo as well

Anyway enough of rant


(and no Barbarossa is not a reference to "pirates of the Caribbean", is the name of a german emperor and literal translation is Red beard, what the italians used to refer to him as)


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Re: Grumpy old man.

Post by Bruwas on Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:48 am

Welcome Smile

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