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AuV2 Featured Media / FAQ

Post by Jason on Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:25 pm

AuV2's Featured Media
AuV2 is currently behind the following Streamers

  • AuV2channel Twitch ( Jason )
  • AuV2channel Youtube ( Jason )
  • A6YearOldGamer ( under review )
  • OronarAu

Becoming Featured

The benefits of becoming featured include additional publicity and support from AuV2, as well as possible support ( Giveaways )

The comment below shows how likely Jason is to support a stream / media. Red is bad, green is good, orange is half/half
[ Unlikely, but possible ]

Before applying

  • A working twitch bot application ( Moobot, for example )
  • Experience ( the more the better )
  • Following ( the more the better )
  • Behavior ( non toxic )
  • Interaction ( say hi to people )

After Applying

  • An AuV2 command ( available with most chat bots )
  • An AuV2 banner below stream ( with link )
  • An AuV2 logo on stream ( doesn't always have to be visible )
  • AuV2channel set as moderator for your channel
  • Keep the behavior up

The fine print
AuV2 does not actively endorse every single action of the featured streamers / media, and is not liable for any and all damage / hurt feelings. Supporting with materials may not always be available. See Jason with any questions.

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