AuV2's HUGE Giveaway Part 1; Pax Skins

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AuV2's HUGE Giveaway Part 1; Pax Skins

Post by Jason on Thu Oct 10, 2013 12:51 pm

Okay guys, AuV2's HUGE Giveaway Part 1.
Riot Blitzcrank / Arcade Hecarim.

For this giveaway, simply submit a replay of a cool play, performed by you, for the AuV2 Channel.

The 5 best will get the skins.

To submit a replay
use leaguereplays to get a replay file

Host it online, using Dropbox

Post the share link here. done =)

the contest will run until all 5 are gone. When a replay is submitted, it has three days to be beaten, before winning. If your replay is knocked down a slot, it's viable for the next skin code.

GL guys =)

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