Template; Share a Minecraft server

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Template; Share a Minecraft server

Post by Jason on Sat Oct 19, 2013 6:14 am

This is the template, for telling people about a minecraft server. Failure to abide by the template could result in modification or deletion of your post. Be smart.

Template wrote:Server Name;
Server IP;
Server Location;

Your role in the server;

Main Server type;

Other server Features;
Few tips.

  • Give as many summarised details as possible.
  • Don't appear over needy. Try and make people want to join, rather than block you.
  • Don't ask for donations, or payments. If they like the server, they will find out naturally.
  • Try getting the server admin's permission before posting. It may save you from getting in trouble.
  • Attatching a single video ( Server Tour, ect. ) is permitted.

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