AuV2's Teamspeak Details, FAQ and other

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AuV2's Teamspeak Details, FAQ and other

Post by Jason on Sat Oct 19, 2013 4:44 pm

Heya guys, Jason here, ready to explain as many of the details to do with our Teamspeak server as possible.

I.P. ;

Getting your membership applied to the teamspeak server shouldn't be too hard. Simply jump on, and if there's a staff member online, message them, and they'll help you out.


Free Ranks
There are two FREE buttons that you can get on the Teamspeak server
1. ELO Ranking ( bronze, silver, gold, plat, diamond, challenger )
2. Favourite Role ( Adc, mid, top, support, jungle )

Things to note.
1. The ELO ranking buttons will be using the same slot as the other game badges when they come out, so you can only have one.
2. The Favourite role section once applied, can't be edited freely. If you ask a mod, they might do it for you, but also might not.

To get  these applied, simply ask a mod in teamspeak, or even post here with your desired role, and your elo.

Donator Ranks
1. Donator, For donating more than $2.50
2. Donator +, For donating more than $20
3. Champion, For donating more than $5 a month automatically, for 2+ months ( 2 payments ) or $50 total

The Champion role has a few bonuses. Firstly, your icon will be the champion of your choosing. Secondly, you will receive a private ( password entry ) room in the teamspeak channel.

To note. You can only have one of the donator buttons at a time. Your champion button will be semi permanent. As in, it will only be offered to change when you donate. When a reoccuring donation happens, you will be offered. Lastly, the Champion donation perk becomes permanent when over $50. If automatic payments stop before reaching a total of $50, your Champion icon and room will be removed at the end of your subscribed month.

Any questions, ask away =)

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