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AuV2 Serum

Post by AuV2 Noobs on Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:09 am

Hi all, I made a team, you are welcome to reply if you meet these requirements:
- Are able to play during the Weekend
- Able to communicate via Skype or Teamspeak

Reply with:
Summoners name:
Experience playing LoL:
Other Roles you can play:
Champions for the role(s):

Team currently is:
TOP -  Hexicate (a mate, in Gold 5 atm)
JUNGLE - AuV2 Slacky
MID - Hi im Gambi (another mate, in Silver 1 atm)
ADC - Open

Seeya, Noobs

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AuV2 Noobs

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Re: AuV2 Serum

Post by Shadow on Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:22 pm

Summoners name: AuV2 Shadow
Role: Mid
Elo: Bronze V/IV
Experience playing LoL: Have been playing league of legends, proudly from the beta of the game, Kinda stuck in bronze, so you could test me out and see how i play.
Other Roles you can play:ADC, Jungle
Champions for the role(s):
ADC: Ezreal, Graves, Vayne
Mid: Katarina , Veigar , Lux , Leblanc , (many others)
Jungle: Hecarim, Olaf , J4 , Aatrox , ( Too many to count just as mid xD)

Hope your team will do well, if needed i could go sub, but its your choice, if you are interested in me, just reply this post Very Happy
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