Theory; Contagious Toxic behavior and how to prevent it

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Theory; Contagious Toxic behavior and how to prevent it

Post by Jason on Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:06 pm

Heya guys, Jason here with a bit of a Theory on psychological actions and how they can spread in the League of Legends community, as well as how you can put an end to it.

Now, we've all had those games where there has been a disagreement, and before too long, your team is spending more time making lame, rude rebuttals to one another than actually playing the game. If you haven't, then I'm sorry, but you're probably going to. One or two people start an argument, and before long, people are arguing back and forth all game, to the point that it's not fun even for the team beating you.

This is because of one simple fact that I've come across. Toxicity leads to Toxicity.

Toxic players bring out every line they can come up with because they are... well, a nicer word is Toxic. This will inspire a response in a fair percent of the population, which will continue the argument. Once the argument goes on for too long, it creates a hindrance on other players, breaking down their tolerance level message by message, until they get involved. and by this stage, about 80% ( pure guess ) of players are in an argument.

How can you stop this?

Well, firstly, if you constantly find your teammates disagreeing with you, this could be that you are in fact the toxic player. If this is the case, your sins will be forgiven if you try to change your actions. As a side note, if you have any friends you disagree with, apologise to them, for "fighting needlessly". Don't turn this into a battle of who was right and who was wrong, it can be simply said that you acknowledge you did something wrong, even if the other does not. If they are rude about it, you have no reason to keep them on your friends list. If they are nice, improve your behavior, then take them for a game some time.

For the rest of you, who aren't the ones starting fights, but always seem to be in them, here's a few tips.

  • Pick order over Call order.
    If someone is determined that they get a role because they called it, let them have it, but tell them that Riot has even addressed the issue, stating they aren't fully pleased of the pick vs call scenario, but for fairness, Pick order is logically best. This can be explained in another few paragraphs if needed.
  • Be flexible with roles / champs
    People may rage some time, because of the above, or simply they really cannot or will not play support / jungle, or whatever role. Let the stubborn corner pieces of the puzzle show first, and try and complete the rest of it yourself.
  • Don't react harshly
    If someone is constantly insulting you, and you can no longer keep your cool, ignore them. It's much better than letting their problems rub off on your day. This is known by many, but used by few.
  • Report ALL the toxic players
    If someone is being rude, starting fights, or playing teemo adc, report them for the good of the community. The more times someone is reported, the sooner they are flagged, and removed from matchmaking.
  • If your name happens to be Loote
    I know you're working hard on a bunch of things, but I think another announcement regarding the Tribunal would be great. Even if it's just a reassurance you guys are dealing with the toxic players yourselves while working on the tribunal's release. The players that hang around GD know this, but not everyone does.

As explained in the "Teamwork OP" video that Riot released, positive players win more games. It's exceedingly hard to be positive with ragers, afkers, autolockers, so on so forth, but persistence is key.


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